The bits of writing below include musings, observations, notes, how-to's, and more (or less).

Obligatory disclaimer: all views expressed are exclusively my own and do not represent the positions or opinions of anyone else.

articles & talks

    - Exploring Rust and Robotics [Rust London Talk]
    - Adventures in drone photogrammetry using machine learning and Rust
    - Open Source, Ethics, and Machine Learning (Part II/II) [The Gradient]
    - Open Source, Ethics, and Machine Learning (Part I/II) [The Gradient]
    - About this site

research publications

The following are scientific publications to which I have contributed:

    - The Utility of Satellites and Autonomous Remote Sensing Platforms for Monitoring Offshore Aquaculture Farms: A Case Study for Canopy Forming Kelps

dev log

Although the following might seem (and be helpful for other people), my dev log is largely notes that I've put together as I'm working through certain development issues, both to help organize my own thoughts and to help provide a reference for myself in the future.

These notes are not intended to be formal documentation, totally complete, or even necessarily understandable to other people

    - Setting up backups
    - Subdomains, Certs, and Nginx
    - Tracking down a detached network session
    - Nix, Act, and Github Actions
    - Transitioning from screen to systemd
    - Switching to Alacritty and Zellij
    - Playing my first game, The Witcher 2, on Linux
    - Getting started with the Pinephone UBports CE

intermittent dive log

19 June 2021: I had a really great day diving today, and figured that for both today, as well as in the future, maybe I'd want to write something down about it. These aren't supposed to be polished prose, but rough accounts of hopefully some nice days.

    - 2021-06-21, Santa Barbara, Arroyo Quemado and Isla Vista LTER Sites
    - 2021-06-19, Laguna Beach, Shaw's Cove
Unless otherwise specified, all writing and imagery (besides the machine learning datasets) on this site is licensed under CC-BY, and the source code under AGPL.