About this website

Updated 2022-03-14

Initially constructed as a static html site, I've since updated this site a fair bit. Under the hood, the site is being served by the Rocket framework, which is written in Rust. I like Rust, and I figured that this was a good excuse to learn some more about its web ecosystem. All of the writing that you see here is served up from a series of Markdown files (which are allowed to contain a mix of Markdown and html). These files are read, converted to html using the comrak library (syntax highlighting by syntect), and formatted with the site theme before being served. This content in then injected into the standard site templates using the aho-corasick library, which runs a find-and-replace pattern search on placeholder strings.

Besides the writing I do, I also use this site to help visualize some of the geospatial data that I've collected, which is mainly composed of drone imagery. This imagery can either be viewed as individual files here or georeferenced on a web map here. The web map is a work-in-progress, and built using MapLibre-GL with a bse layer provided by MapTiler. In addition to the geospatial data, this site also serves as a data mirror, which is composed of a few machine learning datasets (MNIST and CIFAR-10, among others). Feel free to use them, although I'd appreciate some consideration around not crushing them from busy CI pipelines or similar tasks. Unless otherwise specified, all content apart from the generic machine learning datasets (including both writing and imagery) is licensed under CC-BY.

There's also a section that I call the "sandbox," which I use as a place to experiment with new tech or different frameworks. Lately, that's been a combination of basic geographic information system (GIS) using the Leaflet framework (both in native Javascript and also in WebAssembly through Rust library binding), as well as dipping my toe into web frameworks like AlpineJS.

Site analytics are run using Plausible, an open source, privacy-respecting, GDPR-compliant web analytics platform, and the site itself is hosted on a Digital Ocean droplet. I do link checking and validation using linkchecker. The source code for this site is available on my Github, and to the degree applicable, licensed under AGPLv3. The git repository also helps to keep track of continuity of the content when pieces of writing or other material get updated.

If you're looking to get in touch, please feel free to reach out over email! Thanks for stopping by!